Meet The Team

Alhasha Khan

Alhasha Khan has lived in Washington State for over twenty-five years; she has been working in the accounting field in Seattle for over twenty years and has had the pleasure of working with businesses of all types and sizes. Alhasha has a BA in Art as well as a BA in Business Management. This, along with her work history, has given her the ability to problem-solve in both conventional and non-conventional ways. She has a proven track record of providing solutions to the unique and varying challenges that arise from owning a business, and she enjoys doing it. As of 2020, she has become an enrolled tax preparer with the IRS and loves helping clients with her ever-increasing tax knowledge.

Alhasha started OTK Bookkeeping & Tax in 2016 while she was a key part of Amazon's Global Real Estate & Facilities Accounting Team. It was during this time that a college friend needed assistance establishing a food truck business, and she was happy to help. Not only was this venture a great success, but she also found that customized accounting was lacking for many small businesses. Thus, OTK was born.

When she is not working at OTK she is probably at a KEXP event or creating music and art of her own.


Christian Khan

Christian Khan joined the OTK team in 2019. He has been an integral part in procedure and policy development. Christian has over 20 years of experience in accounting and business management. He currently splits his time at OTK as a Purchasing Manager for a local furniture manufacturer.

When he’s not at OTK, he’s probably thinking about going to the gym or creating music with Alhasha.


Diplo joined the OTK team in 2018 as head of Puppy Resources. His uncle Kurt Wayne was the founding dog of OTK and the inspiration for our company’s name. Out of The Kitchen was the most common command given to him. The bone does not fall far from the mouth, as Diplo has taken on the responsibility of always being in the kitchen after his uncle’s retirement. No nepotism here.

When he’s not at OTK, he’s most definitely in the kitchen.